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The Communications Division is a division with in the Greenville City Police Department, it is compromised of 31 civilian employees. The specialists are assigned to one of four twelve hour shifts, each shift has a Communications Shift Supervisor and at least five specialists on the floor answering calls.

In 2021, the Greenville City Police Department answered over 290,000 phone calls. Our call volume is busiest between the hours of 10:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m., with an average of 700 calls answered per day. The Communications Bureau answers emergency calls for service on 911 lines, as well as the non-emergency line at (864) 271-5333.

Our Communications Specialists are trained on all positions in the Communications Bureau, this includes call taking, police, fire, and animal control dispatching and NCIC. They also acquire South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Basic 911, APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator, APCO Fire Communications, SLED/NCIC, and GPD Communications Training Program certifications.

The division is responsible for managing the false burglar alarm process for the department.  City ordinance provides for a false burglar alarm fee schedule in an effort to reduce excessive false alarms.