Hiring Process

These hiring guidelines apply to all personnel currently employed and those seeking employment with the Greenville City Fire Department (GCFD).

Outline of Hiring Procedures

All candidates for employment with the GCFD must utilize the NeoGov portal on the City of Greenville website. Candidates must create an account and submit their completed application online. Candidates must also submit electronic copies of the following certificates:

  • IFSAC or Pro Board Certification in Firefighter I & II
  • National Registry EMT Certification (if currently certified)
  • Military Form DD-214 (long form) Discharge Certificate
  • Current Driver’s License

The application period is determined by the GCFD Deputy Chief. After the application period closes, candidate information will be reviewed to ensure that all required information has been provided. Once the information has been verified, the candidate will be notified of the date, time and location for the computer-based NFSI Enhanced Study Guide (Free) exam.  The computer-based exam is administered by City of Greenville Human Resources personnel, with one representative from the GCFD Division of Services present. Candidates who score a minimum of 70% on the written exam will be given a time and location for the Candidate Physical Agility Test (CPAT).

Candidates who complete the CPAT in 10 minutes or less will be given a time and location for an interview by representatives from the GCFD Command Staff. The candidate will receive a numeric score from each interviewer and the scores will be averaged to determine the composite score. 

Once a candidate has completed the previous steps, their final score will be compiled and candidates will then be ranked numerically based on their final score. All candidates must undergo a pre-employment drug screening before they can be placed in the candidate ranking.