Financial Publications

The City of Greenville maintains an integrated financial management process to incorporate long-term financial planning into its annual budgeting and reporting documents.

By implementing a process with a longer-term perspective, it allows the City to proactively address major opportunities and challenges, to avoid short-term fixes, and to project capacity for debt issuance and pay-as-you-go capital projects. Each year, the City prepares documents to implement its financial management process as described in its policies.

  1. Annual Financial Reports
  2. Annual Operating Budget
  3. Capital Improvement Program
  4. Key Financial Indicators
  5. Transparency in Government

Popular Annual Financial Report

The Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) provides citizens and other interested parties with a user-friendly overview of the City’s overall financial condition and trends.

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Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is a detailed presentation of the City's financial position and activities for the fiscal year and is organized in four main sections:

  1. The Introductory Section includes a financial overview and organization charts for City government.
  2. The Financial Section includes the independent auditor's report, management's discussion and analysis, audited basic financial statements and notes, and the underlying combining and individual fund financial statements and supporting schedules.
  3. The Statistical Section contains selected economic, financial trend, and demographic information on a multi-year basis.
  4. The Compliance section has independent auditor's reports on compliance and internal control.

The City of Greenville is pleased to announce the June 30, 2020 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Government Finance Officer's Association for the 33th year.

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