Design Review Board


Official Agenda





AMENDED 3/1/2019 at 4:24 PM

Regular Meeting

March 7, 2019

4:00 PM

10th Floor Council Chambers, City Hall

1.    Call to Order

2.    Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair

3.    Roll Call

4.    Approval of Minutes – February 7, 2019

5.    Call for Public Notice Affidavit from Applicants

6.    Acceptance of Agenda

7.    Conflict of Interest Statement

8.    Old Business

9.    New Business

 . . 


A.   CA 19-92 Application by Seamon Whiteside for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS to demolish a warehouse building on property located at 322 RHETT ST (TM# 0071000100900)

 . . . 


B.   CA 19-87 Application by Chad Lorentz for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS for a proposed assisted living facility on property located at S ACADEMY ST, WARDLAW ST, PAYNE ST AND NORFOLK-SOUTHERN RIGHT-OF-WAY (TM#s 0056000700200; 0056000402100; 0056000401700; 0056000402200; 0056000402300; 0056000402400; 0056000402500; 0056000402600; 0056000402700; 0056000400200; 0056000400201; 0056000400900)

 . . . . 

C.   CA 19-88 Application by William Letourneau for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS for an exception to sign standards on property located at 701 GROVE RD (TM# 0101000100200)

 . . . . 
.... .

D.   CA 19-89 Application by William Letourneau for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS for an exception to sign standards on property located at 200 PATEWOOD DR (TM# 0543020101107)

 . . . . 
... ...

E.   CA 19-7 Application by McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS to change an exterior finish on property located at 656 S MAIN ST (TM# 0070000301800)

 . . . . 

       11.    Informal Review (Not a Formal Hearing) - AMENDED

 . . . . 

A.   CA 19-136 Application by Seamon Whiteside for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS to partially demolish and relocate a portion of a commercial building on property located at 110 WARDLAW ST (TM# 0071000100804)

 . . . . 

B.   CA 19-93 Application by Seamon Whiteside for a CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS for site plan approval for a mixed-use/multifamily development on 1.92 acres located at 322 RHETT ST AND 106, 108 and 110 WARDLAW ST (TM#s 0071000100900; 0071000100801; 0071000100800; 0071000100804)

 . . . . 

            11.    Other Business

A.   Discussion of exception to sign standards for wall signs

            12.    Adjournment

 . . . . 
*** ***

City of Greenville

Design Review Board

Meeting & Public Hearing Overview

Welcome to the City of Greenville Design Review Board (DRB) meeting.  The DRB is responsible for reviewing and taking action on various types of applications including Certificates of Appropriateness, multifamily review and comment, and certification for special tax assessment.  The DRB is divided between an Urban Panel and Neighborhood Panel.  Both panels usually meet the first Thursday of each month, and as needed for special-called meetings.  The Neighborhood Panel is primarily responsible for historic overlays, and the Urban Panel is primarily responsible for projects in the downtown. 

For your convenience and to help you follow along with the meeting, an overview of the meeting procedure is provided below.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the process and locate the item(s) of interest to you on the agenda.

Public hearing rules and procedures:

  • For each item, the Board will first hear the staff report and a presentation from the applicant.
  • After the staff and applicant presentations, the chairperson will open the public hearing for that item.  Comments in favor of the application are heard first, followed by those opposed.
  • Any member of the audience wishing to comment has 3 minutes to do so.  It is not necessary to sign up to speak beforehand.  All comments must be made into the podium microphone located at the front of the center aisle.
  • Begin by clearly stating your name and address for the record.  Please spell your name if it is prone to being misspelled.  The 3-minute timer will start after you have provided this information.
  • Please do not repeat information already presented by someone else, and avoid off-topic statements.  People sharing similar concerns are encouraged to appoint a spokesperson to speak on behalf of the group.
  • All comments and questions must be directed to the chairperson, who will respond or direct the question to the appropriate party for response.
  • After all comments are offered, the chairperson will close the public hearing for that item.  Once closed, no additional public comments will be heard.
  • After the public hearing portion, the Board members will deliberate amongst themselves.  A decision will usually be rendered at this meeting; however, the item may be deferred to provide additional time to revise the application, provide supplemental information, etc.

Written comments and materials intended for the board members should be given to a staff member for distribution before the meeting begins.  Any comments that were submitted to the Planning office prior to the meeting have already been provided to with the members for their review and consideration.

Public meeting disclosure:  All written comments and materials submitted to the Planning Office or DRB, as well as audio recordings of public hearings, are considered public record and subject to FOIA requests under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act.  In addition, all public meetings are open to the press and may covered or recorded by the media. 

Thank you for attending the DRB meeting.  Public participation in the planning process helps the City make informed decisions about growth and development in our community.

Please contact the Planning Department at (864) 467-4476 with any questions about this agenda as well as those for upcoming meetings.  Visit our website at for more detailed information about specific agenda items.

The DRB is comprised of volunteers appointed by City Council.  When selecting members for the board, Council strives to ensure a broad range of interests and viewpoints are represented.  Current and previous board members have served with professional backgrounds in residential and commercial development, architecture, urban planning, engineering, real estate, and more.  Standard board terms are 4 years.  If you are interested in serving on the DRB or another City board, please apply online at

City of Greenville Planning and Development | 864-467-4476